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Resources for Everyone

Radio Cymru (Welsh-language radio) www.bbc.co.uk/radiocymru/  (Free). You can listen online to live Radio Cymru (hit the little green speaker near the top of the main page), or you can listen to recent programs (choose Rhaglenni and then the name of the show).  Click the little BBC Vocab button to see translations of specific words. Sample shows:  Eleri Siôn (pop music); John ac Alun (country music);  Beti a?i Phobol (long interviews); Yr Oedfa (church service); Taro?r Post (current-events call-in discussion show).

Hwb, S4C?s TV series for adult learners (Free). Hwb website hwb.s4c.co.uk/ and Hwb YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/HwbTV?ob=0&feature=results_main Hwb (double meaning of ?push? and ?hub?) is a new TV show aimed at adult learners, with segments about learners, skits, and interviews with Welsh language TV and radio stars.  Some but not all of the Welsh is simplified.  The only instruction is in the bilingual ?Lesson? and ?tips? segments in which the host (Nia Parry) helps her co-host (Matt Johnson, an adult learner) prepare to interview the next celebrity guest.  Most of each weekly hour-long episode is available outside the UK through the Hwb website or on theHwbTV channel on YouTube.  It is *not* possible outside the UK to watch Hwb directly on S4C?s website.

S4C (Welsh-language TV) www.s4c.co.uk/clic/e_index.shtml  (Free). Unfortunately, very little S4C programming is viewable outside the UK; click on the ?Available Worldwide? button to see what?s current (usually one or two political talk shows).  Hwb is an exception (see above for how to access it).

Online Welsh-English dictionary www.geiriadur.net  (Free). Very flexible ? lets you search on just the beginning or end of a word (handy if you?ve only heard part, or aren?t sure what the first letter should be). 

Welsh Books Council www.gwales.comCheapest place to buy Welsh-language books of all types (and English language books from Wales), b/c they only charge actual shipping costs to the US, and ship quickly.

Sadwrn www.sadwrn.com and Sain www.sainwales.com Two good places to buy Welsh-language music CDs.  Sain sells DVDs (require a Region-2 capable DVD player) as well as music from artists on its label; Sadwrn sells music from artists on many labels.

Welsh-language music videos on YouTube (Free). There are lots of Welsh videos online.  On the Say Something In Welsh forum, learners have linked some of their favorites from YouTube (mostly modern Welsh pop music) in a message thread called ?Weekly Welsh music videos? that you can enjoy without doing the courses or signing up to the site:  www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=839

Skype www.skype.com (Free). Easy-to-download, easy-to-use software that lets you call other people on their computers (video calls or just audio).  For video, the cameras built into most laptops are fine.  For the audio, the microphone built into many laptops is fine, or you can add a headset (earphones plus mike) for about $30.  Great for practicing with others when you?re ready.