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Cymdeithas Dewi Sant

Interested in learning Welsh?

Welsh is a living language. Thousands of people speak it in their daily life and work, and every child studies Welsh in school. It’s beautiful, and old, and very very different from English – and a lot of fun to learn and speak. Yes, it is doable to learn as much or as little Welsh as you want, even from thousands of miles away.

Several of our Society members here in the D.C. area are first-language speakers of Welsh. Several others (including Diane Owen) are learning, or have learned, Welsh with various combinations of the resources below. Diane would love to hear from you if you speak Welsh or would like to learn. Email dsowen@verizon.net, or contact her through any of the general contact methods for the Society (on this site or on Facebook). 

Resources for everyone

Getting Started

Next Steps

Welsh Practice Group

Meets first Saturday of every month 10:30am-Noon.

Teaism at Penn Quarter, 400 8th St, NW., Washington DC. Nearest Metri station Archives-Navy Memorial (about a block away).  

updated Sept 2014