St. David's Banquet 2013 St. David's Banquet 2013 175702293 Mari Davies, Dawn Jones. 175702438 Jacob Flatter, Hywel Davies, Diane Owen. 175702314 David Jones, Donna Lloyd-Kolkin, Hywel Davies. 175702315 William & Dawn Jones, Carol Olsen, Ken Olsen. 175702316 Mari Davies, Elizabeth & Gert Stern. 175702318 John Ehrle, Sarah Williams. 175702326 Katherine De Francis, Fred & Tori Finelli. 175702292 Hywel Davies. 175702440 175702317 "Glyndwr" table. 175702313 "Rebecca" table. 175702334 "Madoc" table. 175702320 "Madoc" table. 175702435 175702319 "Pantycelyn" table. 175702436 Abdelhamid Abdelaal, Tom West. 175702310 Tom West, Diane Owen, John Davies, Margaret West. 175702325 Mary Margaret Whipple, Gareth Howell. 175702312 Margaret West, Llewelyn Howell, Cynthia Ivorian-Jones. 175702324 Hywel Davies, Amy Titus 175702311 Gareth Howell. 175702437 David Rich, Mary Triola 175702297 175702298 Bob Roser. 175702307 Moch Pryderi members Bill Reese, Mary Triola, Deborah Wenrich. 175702306 David Jones. 175702300 Gareth Howell, Moch Pryderi. 175702308 175702303 175702304 175702331 175702330 Mary Margaret Whipple. 175702302 Hywel Davies. 175702301 Dan Cecchin. 175702329 Sheila Hixson (Chairman, Ways & Means Committee, MD House of Delegates) presented the Society with a Proclamation from Governor O'Malley, officially recognizing St. David's Day in the state of Maryland, for the second year running. 175702291 Cheryl Mitchell. 175702299 Moch Pryderi - taking a break. 175702439 175702328 Mary Triola (triple harp). 175702332 175702327 175702322 Bob Roser. 175702323 David Rich, Mary Triola, Deborah Wenrich, Bill Reese. 175702333 Moch Pryderi (L-R): Mary Triola (Welsh triple harp, flute, fife, whistles, Welsh pigborn, vocals), Deborah Wenrich (fiddle, accordian, vocals), Rik Rice (bodhran, dumbek), Bill Reese (bouzouki, Welsh pigborn, Welsh bagpipes, Breton bombardes, banjo, whistles, vocals), Bob Roser (Highland pipes, small pipes, vibra-slap). 175702321