Washington DC WELSH

Cymdeithas Dewi Sant

Welcome - Croeso!

Welcome to the home of the Washington DC Welsh, Cymdeithas Dewi Sant: the St David’s Welsh American Society of Washington DC.

People join us for many reasons. Some want to honor their Welsh ancestry. Some aim to learn or improve their command of the ancient and magnificent Welsh language. Some are excited by the vibrancy of contemporary Welsh culture – literary, music, fine arts – in film, books, shows, exhibits and performances. Some wish to celebrate and explore the crucial Welsh role, in thought and action, in the origin and development of the United States. Others like to cheer on Welsh success in sport and competition.

We all like to mingle with friends whose passions encompass these and other sources of pride in Welsh heritage, in its new-found political dynamic, its bilingual strength, its rejuvenated economic progress, its long-standing international commitment, its profound spiritual traditions and its abundant promise for the future. And we enjoy welcoming visitors to share in our work, to impart prized insights, and to enrich our understanding of contemporary Wales.

For 128 years the Society has fostered the culture and traditions of Wales, commemorated the Welsh contribution in founding the American republic, and sought to perpetuate love of Welsh music, literature, history and art. In the past, we helped immigrants from Wales and their children to adapt and make the most of life in America. Now, we hold regular social events, climaxing in the Annual Banquet to honor and celebrate St. David, Patron of Wales, which takes place close to his feast-day on March 1. We are a focal point for Wales in the nation's capital, and cultivate links with friends and like-minded groups on both sides of the Atlantic.

We welcome the interest and support of anyone who shares our goals.

Our members and friends play an active part in putting together, running and sharing information about events and issues of interest to Wales and the Welsh community in the U.S. especially in the D.C. area.

Please explore our website, tell us about your interests, ask for information on any aspect of our work, and consider joining our work as a member.